It is time to develop the full potential of Akt. With the assistant, the plastic-free knight without fear or rebuke. This clever tool will keep you dry and protected from sweat. To the last drop of nude balm. And it will enhance your bathroom like few other aids have ever done before. 


Simply put the Assistant over the folded end of the tube of deodorant balm and use it to screw the tube in until you have squeezed out the perfect amount. So you get everything out of nude and don't waste a bit of balm. Your skin is happy. And mother earth much more. 

Confidence is the goal. Every bit of act the key. 

Quiet on the set! We shoot. 

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Customer Reviews

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This really works

I have been really impressed with the results as I've stayed fresh for the whole day. They smell amazing and absorb quickly. It also feels great to finally rid myself of spray deodorants - not only the chemicals but also the unnecessary waste.

Just what I needed!

I’ve loved AKT since day 1, but was so frustrated to not be able to get out every single drop from my first few tubes. This tool is a game changer and makes using the entire tube so easy!


I honestly am so so bad at writing reviews. Background is I am SUCH a sweaty Betty. I have been on a natural journey for 2 years now and all the natural deodorants I have used have just made me smell so bad and my clothes. I didn’t want an anti persperant but I wanted something to stop my sweat smelling. This is just amazing. It smells like something you would buy from me labo and it’s not over powering but my god it works! It’s been a month and my armpits now (without this some days) don’t stink out my clothes. They now smell neutral but with this they just smell awesome. I recommend buying the key too. I’m so happy I did. Thank you team!

First Night Nerves!!

Despite the trauma of first night nerves thus bad boy delivered in great style. From the moment it made its entrance, it catapulted the user into another galaxy, which left the room to a standing ovation.
Sure this assistant is going to be around for sometime yet.

Amazing stuff!

I consider myself quite a sweaty person. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, working out, walking to town, I sweat. I always had to purchase what I called 'industrial strength' antiperspirant. On my pursuit for cruelty free products, I'd tried multiple deodorants that felt sticky, claggy and didn't protect at all from sweating. I was gifted AKT and with hesitance, I gave it a go. It has revolutionised my life. I still sweat, but that's ok, it's healthy. It dries quickly, without tide lines on my clothing and I smell fresh all day. I even tested it to the max by not showering one morning (gross I know!) and I was still fresh and protected all day. I can't speak highly enough of this product. I don't care that the cap is a little tricky or it's harder to come out of the tube when it's cold. It works and smells divine.

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